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Like a couple of children with a new toy, we waited patiently the first time our new "standby" exercised. Marveled at the fact she started right up. So we did the same "wait" the next week. OK, we're old - it's the high point of our day. But, lo and behold, didn't we have a power outage Sunday Sept, 1 at 7:30pm. And, as we looked at each other for a moment, in that moment "standby" went on. What a marvelous new "toy". And to make a day for us - it was our 40th wedding anniversary. What a wonderful present to have the sound of "standby". So, thank you so much for all you do. The work you (Craig), Shane, Ben & John did to install "standby" for us. We do so appreciate you all because we know how much it takes to create a great team. To all of you at Bill's (BGR Power), again, this area is blessed to have you all her. -The Wilsons – Jim & Nancy Wilson, Malone NY